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Cigar Rollers Boston

Cigar Rollers Boston offer cigar rolling demonstrations that will make your event unique and memorable. Imagine an authentic cigar roller, using the freshest ingredients, handcrafting a flavorful cigar right in front of your guests eyes. More than just a demonstration,…


Cigars rollers Boston supplies premium, imported cigars for all of our events. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cigars from the major cigar suppliers in the world, mainly from Central and South America. This ensures that your guest’s…

Cigar Servers

Boston Cigar events are not limited to cigar rolling. Cigar Servers for Boston events work better for certain events that want the visual of an attractive Cigar Server roaming the room rather than a stationary cigar roller. Cigar Servers also…

Boston Cigar Events

Cigar Rollers for Boston events offers unique cigar rolling demonstrations for your corporate gatherings, birthday celebrations, wedding or special events. Your guests will be amazed watching our expert cigar rollers at work. They bring a special touch-of-class to any event, large or small.

Cigar Roller events in Boston bring old world class and a feature your special moment deserves. We are a brand as as such, have a strong priority to presentation, all of our rollers are authentic, Latin (Dominican, Cuban) cigar rollers that speak English to answer and engage guests - they also look good for your photos. Your guest are invited to smoke the most flavorful and freshest cigars available. They are able to converse, ask questions and gain knowledge about the art of cigar rolling, cigar smoking and cigar tobacco, with a highly experienced roller backed by an actual premium cigar brand with a full time events department, not someone doing rolling events "on the side".

We provide flavorful, imported cigars from factories in Nicauragua and the Dominican Republic, the cigars are not made in the United States. Custom made cigar bands, cigar rollers along with male cigar hosts and beautiful cigar servers to make your event truly one of a kind. A cigar roller Boston event planner can arrange the perfect demonstration for any situation in Quincy, Ipswich, Cape Cod, to Providence, Newport Rhode Island, to New Hampshire and all of New England. . Our cigar roller events are usually booked for two hour time frames, but if you want a longer demonstration, no problem. We help you plan your cigar event the way that you want.

Simply fill out the form on our site, and we will email when your quote is ready and have suggestions that we may have to make you event stand out from the crowd. The more information you provide, the better we can help you plan your cigar event. With over 10 years in the business, we can guarantee that your cigar rolling event will be like no other in Boston.